updated 11/14/14

Following the example set by Brian and Kenny, who, though just in their 20s and busy pursuing successful careers when they died, had a history of sharing their resources with less fortunate people, The Kenny and Brian Williams Fund carries on their giving spirits.


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  Rump Fund


 Oscar Firefighter Memorial Fund

Brian & Grandpa Burke


Greyhound Charity Golf Benefit

Dianna Daniels Foundation


DHHS Amber Johnson Fund


Weber Family Fund

United Way


Terry Scanlon Fund


Capital Campaign at CCH

Kenny as Santa

Kenny, Andy & Brian


VH Civic Club - Steve Ober Fund


Applebee's Mark Smith Fund

Justin Saccone Fund

Fangman Family

Kevin Pohlgeers Fund

Roger Slagle Fund

Grant Jansen Fund

Malia's Cord

Louie Hentz Fund

 Win for Quinn

West Fund

Our Savior

Mains Fund

Fohl Family

Destiny's Cause

Bill Westerman

Kathie Prather Childrens Memorial Fund

Chris Snyder Memorial Fund

Austin McGlone Fund

Anderson Family

Landon & Kaden Fund

Children of Kevin Spille Fund

Care 2 Cure Krista Fund

Michael Phelps Fund

 Kathyrn Curley Benefit

Kenny, Andy, Brian, & Tara

Debbie Billiter Medical Fund

Brown Benefit

Holy Family

Loschiavo Family

Danielle Gibson Memorial Fund

Mobility for Madison

Billiter Fund

Brett Menkhaus

Tim Haders 

Shelly Mays Fund

Colt Bennett Fund


Tony Hicks Fund

Joellen Dunn

Tim Cottrell

Robert Kunkel

Benefit for Jayln Hayes

Brighton Center

Hope for Sydney

Laura Cane Benefit Fund

Becky Russo

Bohmer Family

Alehia Tucker Puncey Family

Tommy Gullett

Berkemeier ALS Fund

AHCF Austin's Angels

Meier Family

Our Savior

Hansen Family

Baby Landon

Scheper Family

Dan Martin

Mark Kendall Fund

Cathie Deaton

Coach Brossart

Care for Carolyn

Alisha Mathis Fund

Michele Hungler

Our Savior

Barb Jones

 Jester Fund

Kenny & Gina on an Ochs/Williams summer vacation

Rally for Rob

Belmont for Brad

Mark Melching Fund


Parker Hunt Medical Fund

Pitts Fund

Mary Erskine

Willa Dimuzio

Paul Even Fund

Schuler Education Fund

Our Savior Church

Jim Martin Benefit

Jay McCoy Childrens Fund

Brian, Andy, Becky and Lisa

Donna Murphy Reunion Benefit

Jennifer Fossett Benefit Fund

Jeff Rennekamp Fund

Gil Whitacre Fund

Fred & Jessica Schumacher

Rob Dames Fund

Maria Schaffenstein Fund

Krista Noll

Cure for Clay

 Maverick Dalape Fund

Temisha Rice

Joseph Schully

John Wheeler

Sims Family

Smile for Jonah

Fun time in New York

Jennifer Fosset Benefit Fund

A Soldier's Benefit

Brett Menkhaus Cancer Fund

Kyle & Emily Bunch

Ria & Billy Under wood Fund

Jimmy & Kim Drahman

Brad Loschaivo Memorial Fund

Bryan Kraus Memorial Fund

Amy Elsbernd-Stepp Fund